Integration Has Been The Vanguard Initiative Of The Director Of National Intelligence

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Since 2010, integration has been the vanguard initiative of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). This initiative has been successful in several areas to include: the creation of National Intelligence Managers (NIM) for all primary geographic regions and functional areas; enhanced transparency; and the focus on the negative impacts of over classifying documents. However, not all efforts to integrate the intelligence community (IC) have been successful. For instance, the ODNI did not succeed at creating a comprehensive sharing environment, and has not fully integrated federal, state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies. Although, these failed areas of integration can be mitigated in the future through the appropriate initiatives taken by the ODNI. The creation of NIMs for all primary geographic regions and functional areas paid astronomical dividends to IC integration efforts. Placing one individual in charge of a geographic region or functional area allowed for a united effort across the IC for each particular problem set. Additionally, this broke down the collection and analysis barriers, because it unified personnel, causing them to realize the common objective instead of competing against one another. The creation of NIMs across the board for all primary problem sets, is the greatest success story of IC integration since 2010. The drive of the ODNI to make the IC more transparent has integrated the IC into the lives of U.S.
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