Integration Of Arts And The Arts

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Integration of Arts Paper The incorporation of music, movement, and the arts is critical to a young child’s learning, growth and development. Each of these creative arts allow children to make meaningful connections and retain the information being taught in the classroom. It also allows for children to focus more in the classroom and it improve their behavior as well. Multiple intelligences also play a role in music, movement, and the arts. By using these creative arts in the classroom, educators are able to adapt to children’s specific learning needs. Music, movement, and the arts appeal to all five developmental domains, including cognitive, physical, social, emotional, as well as language development. Music is a very natural process…show more content…
Movement in the classroom is vitally important to children’s growth and learning as well. Research shows that exercise and movement through the school day helps facilitate the brain’s ability to learn and retain the information taught during the day. “Studies suggest that regular physical activity supports healthy child development by improving memory, concentration and positive outlook” (Wilson, 2014). Kinesthetic learning creates an opportunity for students to create and construct memories along with connecting, activating, and integrating physical and cognitive responses to what they are learning. It is proven that movement in the classroom helps support social skills, which is responsible for connecting to comprehension and critical thinking skills. Moving and exercise in young children gets the oxygen in their body and brain moving as well. The more oxygen that is moving in the brain and body, the more learning that will take place. “Approximately 90% of the oxygen in our body and brain is stale until we take a deep breath, yawn, get up or move our bodies. The lack of oxygen results in confusion, lack of focus, and memory problems.” (Benefits of Movement, 2016). Movement and music can be incorporated together in the classroom. Both are vitally important to young children’s health, growth, development, and learning. Movement and music can help children develop fine and gross motor skills, along with
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