Integration Of Course Content And Internship

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Integration of Course Content and Internship
A law enforcement officer’s job can be described in many different forms. It can go from very boring to very exhilarating in a spilt second. The job on the outside can seem very glamorous from a laypersons point of view. The fact of the matter is the job looking from the inside out can be disgusting at times routine and very treacherous. The law enforcement officer can be everyone’s worst enemy while on patrol looking for law violators; then be the hero when he runs into a burning building or runs toward an armed gunman. There has been an increased recognition by law enforcement administrators of the stresses placed on officers by the many difficulties of the job. While many look at officers as superman, others see the hidden difficulty faced by those officers’ badges. Studies have shown us that officers along with first responders who are exposed to life threatening events are at risk for developing posttraumatic stress disorder or PTSD, alcohol abuse, panic attacks and medical issues (Komarovskaya et al., 2014)
Departments such as the Tennessee Highway Patrol have officers that face serious work related stress issues are a major concern. In today’s world, budgets have been trimmed and cut increasingly every year. This can cost departments both large and small a great deal of money from their budgets with employees being absent from work, a lack of manpower to handle calls for service in their respective jurisdiction. In
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