Integration Of Instructional Technology Into Public Education

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Earle, R. (2002). The Integration of Instructional Technology into Public Education:

Promises and Challenges. 42(1), 5-13.

This journal article, which comes from the professor of education out of Brigham University, Utah, examines technology as a tool for students but not as a form of reliance for teachers. This article also takes a look at the economic perspective of incorporating digital technology more frequently into the classroom. As well, this article takes a very sociological perspective and examines the way in which this upcoming digitalization of the classroom, which will provide a strong relationship to many of the course materials which will also will be included within this paper. This article also provides a new argument/ point of view that examines the technology as only a minor part of the classroom, as the teacher is still the main source of knowledge which differs from a few of the other articles. Due to these differences in perspective, it will provide an interesting contrast and argument that could help guide the paper in a few different ways. As well, this paper provides an American perspective, which could or could not be relevant, but the context could provide an explanation for some of the biases within the article. Overall, this article will be an interesting addition as it has many different and unique perspectives and opinions on digital sociology and education.

Ellison, N.B & Boyd, D. (2013) Sociality through Social Network Sites. In Dutton,
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