Integration Of Math And Science

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Integration is a topic should be talked about because it is a topic that has multiple view points some negative and some positives. No matter the viewpoints it is important to consider how integration impacts the students. At the end of the day what students retain is what matters and retaining information can happen in a variety of different ways. Integration provides a way to connect multiple subjects and allows students to make connections. Integration can be difficult for teachers to teach because the integration does not fit well, but the outcome of integration is beneficial. With the heavy weight of assessments and standardized, tests teachers need to make sure that whatever they teach needs to connect to standards and unites. Science has become a subject that has been put on the back burner because tests like Maps and Paws testing do not assess science. There are many factors that affect what and how teachers teach. Integration of math and science is one way to teach that allows teachers cover more than one major subject. Integration allows teachers to teach science and math in the same environment that allows students to flourish. The classroom is filled with a variety of different objectives and lessons and as teachers we need to make sure we are using our time the best ability. The big question of this research is whether integrating math and science is beneficial for students in the classroom. Each lesson and activity needs a purpose in the classroom and
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