Integration Of Media And Digital Media

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Integration can be viewed from five aspects. The first aspect involves the integration of media which comprises a mix of traditional media and digital media. The second integration is based on the communication methods; these are the promotional methods used and include the traditional methods, digital methods and word of mouth interactions and communications. The third integration is based on the time the communication happens and interaction possibilities. This further accounts for static and dynamic communications. The fourth integration seeks to explain the actors and their roles in the IMC process, these actors are the consumers as well as the organizations. The fifth integration is based on content creation, seeks to explain that IMC is based on communications which are consumer generated versus marketing content created by the organizations.
1. Introduction
Major developments in the information technology in the global economy have facilitated the success and have also become a core function of both economic and social lives. With these developments in social media marketing it’s possible to talk with the consumer as opposed to the traditional talking at them. This creates a reputation. New media technologies which include the internet, e-commerce, social networking among others have revolutionized how people interact with the world as well as with each other. Traditional media has always been aimed at reach. Even though it covers large numbers the numbers don’t

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