Integration Of Religious Faith And Business

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Integrating faith and business, is one of the common dilemma faced by most of the managers. Is this accepted by the religion or not? What to do next if I am not following the religious teaching in a right way are the chains of questions which circles the mind of a business person. Business is an area where people has to act sometimes unethical even if they don 't want. Religiously binded managers always try their best to take their faith and the laws of business in a parallel way. Every religion has their own set of rules which shows the right path to conduct the society and help the members of the society.
Integration of Religious Faith and Business in Islam (Abeng, 1997) supports the idea that in this world everyone has a set of ethics that they believe in a follow. Leading the business successfully is a complex matter as it involves various life cycle which may sometimes lead the business even to fail. There is no second thought that business that every business has been introduced in the society to earn profit and serve its society in each and every possible way. In the world of business, there are many people who extremely value their religious belief and follow them in each and every possible way. They too have a strong believe that if business is done with a pure heart without any selfishness then things will automatically be easy. There is no doubt that the culture or ethics followed by the business reflects the kind of work the business is doing. As,

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