Integration Of Technology And Strategy

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Introduction Integration of technology and strategy has become increasingly important for successful business operations over the last decade. More competitors in a given market reduces the ability for consumers to differentiate one product over a substitute product and sales are diluted for all market players. Successful start-ups that do develop a differentiated product and achieve success in their infancy, struggle to sustain their product quality as they compete on a larger scale. However, if implemented strategically, information technology (IT) can be a saving grace. Technology can relieve the stress of the fierce competition through creation of an imitation-resistant value chain that competitors cannot copy. At the same time,…show more content…
Randy Fields wanted to give power to technology. This was an idea before its time in the 1970’s, when technology was thought of as something only to improve efficiency in human-operated tasks. Randy wanted technology to completely take over human-operated tasks, and allow humans to focus on the solely human elements of business: customer interaction and customer satisfaction. Mrs. Fields Information System, was incorporated into the business model, shortly after the first Mrs. Fields stores were opened. It was in these early stages that the system began collecting and storing data that would become invaluable over the next decade as the business’ growth skyrocketed. Over the Mrs. Fields growth years, the Mrs. Field Information System was able to maintain product quality throughout the rapid expansion and allow Mrs. Field to remain a non-franchised company. As the company grew, the system came to understand the success ‘recipe’ based on the years of trial and error data that it stored. The system could forecast sales volumes, screen new employees and be the vehicle to maintain Debbi Fields’ quality expectations that had made Mrs. Fields successful in the first place. By the time the competitors in the snack-food industry became aware of Mrs. Fields Information System success, it was already too late. They could not implement this type of system without the back years of company and sales data that the system would need to serve them in this way.
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