Integration Of Whole Foods Into Abc Company

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Case Study YourFirstName YourLastName University title Integration of Whole Foods into ABC Company Name: Affiliation: According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 34.9% of the adult population who are obese in the United States. They, therefore, suffer or are prone to conditions related to obesity such as type II diabetes, heart disease and some cancer types and some of these are the leading causes of those deaths that are preventable (, 2016). For obesity to be tackled in the United States, there is the need for healthy diets to be followed and lifestyle changes to be exercised. This process has been faced with challenges such as the emergence and…show more content…
This will be by discussing the initial steps in the process of strategic planning which is the mission, vision, and value of Whole Foods Markets, followed by the presentation of the company’s SWOT analysis. There will be a further discussion of the competition in the industry through the Porter’s Five Forces Analysis describing the strategic position of the company. Recommendations of whether the two should continue with the integration will be provided. Background of Whole Food Market This is a supermarket chain founded in 1978 that specializes in organic foods with its current headquarters being in Austin, Texas. The company started with nineteen employees and as of 2015, there were 91,000 employees with 431 supermarkets in UK, Canada, and the US. Three years after this rebuild, the company expanded in the US, the UK, and Canada in ten years. Much of the growth seen in Whole Foods Market is as results of acquisitions and mergers. The company is presently traded on NASDAQ: WFM as a public company and the leading retailer of organic or natural food (Wholefoodsmarket, 2016). Vision, mission, and values As defined in Form 10-K, the mission of Whole Foods Market is the promotion of all individual’s vitality and well-being. The vision of the company is emphasized by its motto where the vision is to have a future that is sustainable where the children will live in a world valuing the diversity, inventiveness, and distinct choice of
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