Integrative Approach: A Case Study

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The group therapeutic structure is a framework that requires continuous developing and modification of the techniques. The concepts are adapted suited to the particular kind of the group and the objectives of the group. The theoretical orientations are the primary functions of the leader and it reflects the experiences leader unfolds (Corey, Corey & Corey, 2010, p. 7). The integrative approach of cognitive behavioral therapy and strengths perspective provides the group pathways of working together with the leader and understanding individual strengths by working on the ways of thinking. The concept of cognitive approach is to collaborate with members and facilitating the goals by working on the way they think. In order to demonstrate this, a leader may pay attention to member’s self-talk: “How are members problems actually caused by the assumptions they make about themselves, about others, and about life?” A leader may ask…show more content…
The approach states that the unconscious mind knows neither past nor present; to step forward a person have to restructure thought process, figure out thoughts that influenced the situation, and redefine those thoughts (van Wormer & Davis, 2012, p. 302). Women have difficulties in expressing anger and cognitive skills will provide them to mobilize the energy in a positive direction. The small group is structured by integrating cognitive approach and strengths perspective to educate women with techniques to de-escalate anger. The integrated approach will help women to learn to express anger verbally and calmly: for example, instead of lashing out a member can learn to say, “When I do this, I feel rejected.” (van Wormer & Davis, 2012, p. 304). Educating women venting anger appropriately will keep them out of trouble and enhance the positive lifestyle. Teaching women to channel angry thoughts into healthy self-talk provides means to manage
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