Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity: an Introduction

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Abstract Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity allowed me to comprehend fully the past occurrences of psychology and theology. The book displayed the faith and confidence that both psychology and Christianity must be combined in order for it to have a better understanding and allowing the client a better chance of healing. In order to do this there must be a complete understanding of each component in and of itself. Entwistle’s (2010) book presented all the facts from history as it has shaped society today (pp. 18-34). As he discussed these historic events, it shows just how the wisdom that is held today is a reflection or reaction of what happened then. Christianity has always had a huge impact on world history…show more content…
Everything my mother did was because she was a single parent and she had to do everything by herself. Therefore, I grew up with the mainframe that was how it was supposed to be. My mother dated men over a period but never settled down. This was my perception of the world; women date men, have their children and raise them by themselves. Being independent was something that I admired about my mother and I thought that was the way to live. The truth of the fallacy of my worldview did not present itself to me until August 2008. I had been married to my 13-year-old daughters’ father for about a year at this time when God opened my eyes to the attack of the enemy on my marriage. Before getting married, I was very independent and felt as though I did not need a man to do anything for me, except maybe companionship every once in a while as my mother displayed to me. I carried that same mind frame and attitude over into my marriage; making my husband feel less of a man and not treating him as my spouse but more like a boyfriend. My marriage almost ended in divorce but God revealed to me the purpose of marriage and how it could be compared to the relationship of the church and His Son, Jesus Christ. I began to read and study and the Scriptures based on the relationship with Him convicted me. It changed my life and my marriage; I have never been the same ever since.
The questions that I have for the author of this book are how do we
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