Integrative Assessment Proposal And Budget Essay

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Integrative Assessment Proposal and Budget

Jaclyn Stapleton

Psyc 6123

Yorkville University


In the proposal I will be outlining is Scenario C working as a counselor in a High School to assess students for learning difficulties, behavioral problems and assisting with career planning. In this proposal I will be summarizing the development for proposing assessment tools for student within the High School (Age 12-18 years old). Within the proposal I will be speaking towards the potential behavior/language concerns and how the budget would reflect each student. Other considerations within the proposal will be discussing scheduling, staffing and requirements for chosen assessment tools with a key focus on each assessment tool and their specific reasoning’s for their integration within the school system.

In our generation today High School students are at the age of having to know what they want to do for a career and what are the components the students need to have to achieve this. When choosing a career or career choices this is a main focal point in a young person’s life. There are many practical approaches and beliefs when approaching career selecting and it can be an intensive process. A first step in a career planning process would be assessing an individual/client with evaluating their willing/eagerness in the process (Gerstan, 2013). When looking into a specific career, planning with a high school

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