Integrative Case Study

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Executive Summary

This paper will evaluate the communication strategy of the fictional new CEO of XYZ global financial services firm, which has been negatively impacted by a national investment crisis. It will include communication strategies to release to its target audience and stakeholders utilizing tools learned in Mary Munter’s Guide to Managerial Communication. The stakeholders have been identified as the firm’s employees, customers, shareholders, and the financial regulators. The shared common concerns of this group are the financial health of XYZ global financial services firm balance sheet, and the plans to meet regulatory obligations and compliance, and the lessons learned from the national investment crisis that
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This plan is the blueprint for survival and management must go to the mountaintop and tell the world – ‘We have a plan, we’re going to share it with you and we’re going to show you how it works for you’.” (Epstein, Pg 30). As the new CEO of XYZ global financial services, I will immediately engage and communicate with the firms stakeholders via hosting a webcast in order to inform and empower the firms stakeholders (JWMI 505, Wk 1, Lecture 1). I will increase the knowledge of our employees and shareholders by reviewing our capital strengths, reduce uncertainty about the new regulatory environment and our new compliance plans, and define our new customer focus. I will empower and transfer authority to our stakeholders by reviewing our strategy based on the mission and values of the organization. I will also communicate how we will continually train and successfully attract high-quality employees and provide a candid assessment of where our country and the world are today and discuss our opportunities for success and anticipated challenges. My stakeholder communication will incorporate qualities of my DiSC management style. With a DiSC management style of Di, I prioritize Action, Drive and Encouragement. (Everything DiSC Management, Pg 3). As a result, the stakeholder
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