Integrative Case: What Went Wrong at University Hospital?

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Integrative case: What went wrong at university hospital?

In this memo, I would like to clarify the causes of the failure of the training program in the hospital and propose the new way of the training that could be more useful for both senior managers and the employees.
According to the failed implementation of the training in the use of new equipment and software, First of all, one of the causes of the failure is the absence of survey need assessment of employees. The hospital’s senior management team was only concerned to “redesign the delivery of patient care” but had not thought about convincing the employees to think in the same way of the organization. Because of that, the employees were not satisfied with the policy and not
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The boss and human resource and development team have to inspire and direct the employees to understand that the new technology is valuable for the organization and it will bring a convenience to the both active and passive users. Furthermore, the boss also has to motivate the employees to pay attention to the training and let them practice to get used to it.
Secondly, the design training has to be interesting. The last training session is good that has a laptop computer hooked up to an overhead projector but the session was conducted by the outside engineer. The instructor also needs to guide that how these new devices can apply to the employees’ job. Additionally, the training session has to design for everyone that has different preferences for taking information which is visual, aural, read and kinesthetic preferences. The instructor has to set up and teach the trainees in various ways to knowledge them, for example, the training may include lecture, audiovisual media and experiential methods.
Finally, after finishing the implementation process, we need to evaluate the result of the training. The managers could observe and talk to the staffs how the training can apply to their job. By seeing the work performance and getting feedback from the employees, the manager

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