Integrative Counseling : Christian Based Counseling

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Integrative Counseling Then there is integrative counseling which is still Christian based counseling but it tries to pull together the religious values , morals , and lessons from the Old and New Testament and bring them together with the application of various methods and ideas from traditional psychology. It is not merely a tie in with traditional psychology because it is an attempt to use all the knowledge to improve upon the basic structure of traditional Christian counseling by making it applicable to a broader amount of personal problems. There is only one real level to Integrative Christian counseling and that is the combination of Nouthetic views and secular methods. The reason why is that it tries to bring together both to make a sort of hybrid kind of theory so that it is applicable to a broader client base. One issue is that the basic structure of trying to apply techniques that are more focused on the person and their own cognition 's may not fall in line with the heavily scripture based traditional Nouthetic counseling which may cause a conflict of ideals which can mean the combination can be stifling to certain methods . Although it can be stifling at times it can be very effective in others because there are many personal problems which may not be easily solved with just religious views because they stem from problems rooted in a persons behavior or events out of their control. A good example of a good use of Integration is discussing Gods design of
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