Integrative Network Design Project Part 3 Essay

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Integrative Network Design Project part 3 Student Name Course 27 October 2014 Professor Identify hardware and also software needed to secure your choice of networks against all form of electronic threats. A network that assists a workstation to link up with the other is called a Networking hardware. Whenever a business uses both routers and even firewall, the organization is guaranteed protection of both wireless and cabled networks which are used in the organization. Network hardware is appropriate in every organization in the maintaining of the organizations network secure. In the software part I would go for McAfee Anti-virus security software. Using this software along with firewall is a sure method of protecting an organization. Routers when used together with hardware are the most effective security hardware required if the organization has to increase the security of their network to a threshold in which none of the invaders can be in a position to gain access to it ( Radu , 2002 ). The use of the firewall in a business is to make sure that all unnecessary activities are blocked such as hackers who can retrieve essential and delicate information of the company. Hacking is an extremely dangerous exercise where criminal may access the important information and facts that an organization has and use this data in blackmailing the organization and its clients. Networking software’s as well plays a significant role in protecting an organizations network

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