Integrative Studies : A Modern Day Collaboration Of Cultural, Diverse, And Intuitive Approaches

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Definition I would personally define Integrative Studies as a modern day collaboration of cultural, diverse, and intuitive approaches in understanding how individuals rationalize their thoughts and ideas when addressing and solving an issue or challenge. The collaboration of various applied theories and conducted research combine to find the underlying reasons for the occurrence of problems or issues. One must be able to dissect an issue or problem through multiple perspectives to find “hidden” solutions. When an individual restricts its thought process in one direction, of problem solving, it leaves the possibility of having certain “rocks unturned.” Also, when those responsible for addressing an issue broadens their view to allow…show more content…
In addition to those two experts it might be beneficial to employ an individual who specializes in managing the development of a new project. Connecting the bridge between the two individuals to collectively work towards finding whether the product will be profitable. The integration of these areas would have a productive combination that could present itself very profitable if the new product sold well. Education My three areas of concentrations are Organizational Leadership, Human Resource Development, and Personal Financial Planning. The breakdown of these three areas entails a generalized view of the internal structure of most companies. Where there is a Human Resource department and management team. Both areas of the company would need to work together for the betterment of the company and its employees. The Human Resource Development courses are structured to equip me with the knowledge of what happens in the HR department as well as the specific departments and positions within the HR field. Often, the only time employees interact with the Human Resources representatives are when such employee is going through the process of application screenings, orientation/onboarding, and training and development programs. Though these programs and processes are essential to the company, as a whole, there is more that goes into the HR department than what the employee might
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