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Integrity is doing what is right when nobody is looking. Many of us do not know what integrity really is, but being former military I learned exactly what it means to have integrity. Other than doing what is right when nobody is looking, integrity is also keeping your integrity in all situations both civilian and military. Showing integrity can be easily done; however, we do not really show it much. To show integrity is to be honest when you make a mistake, taking what you have learned from that mistake, and not doing the same thing again in the future. I would say that if a person has integrity and does not show it at all, that is false integrity. False integrity can not only damage relationships, but also damage each person over time. Being in the military, it was drilled into each and every one of us to have integrity. Many times it was said to do the right thing, whether the general was watching, or nobody was around. There were many times that we would be in our bays during basic training and some of the females would be sitting on their bunks doing whatever they felt like at the time; others would be cleaning, showering or straightening up the bay. Those of us that were not sitting in our bunks were showing integrity by doing what chores needed to be done before writing letters, hanging out, or reading. While I am on the topic of military, many of us have heard of Sargent Bergdahl, the soldier that was captured in Afghanistan back in June 2009 until his release in

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