`` Integrity Is The Essence Of Everything Successful `` By Richard Fuller

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In his quote, “Integrity is the essence of everything successful,” Richard Fuller presents this idea that integrity is the foundation for success (Fuller). In the academic realm, this can be seen as especially true. However, as stated by Bryce Buchmann, “about 75 percent of college students admit to cheating” (Buchmann). This doesn’t seem to line up with the idea of integrity. However, many students “cheat” as a result of crossing rather thin boundaries in their performance. Academic integrity can be broken down into incompatible and compatible practices in addition to understanding how to differentiate the boundary that separates them. In order to understand the ideal of academic integrity, the first step is knowing what incompatible practices constitute as cheating. One of the biggest examples of these incompatible practices is plagiarism. Plagiarism can be summarized as “the act of taking another’s work or ideas and issuing them as one’s own” (Plagiarism). Plagiarism encompasses several different acts, from straight copying and pasting to absent citations to lack of reference when developing an idea from their research. It is one of the most common sources of cheating in the academic setting (Defining). Another form of cheating occurs when students go outside of the acceptable boundaries for collaboration. Collusion is the instance where students construct assignments together without any variation or individual differences between the two pieces, ideally creating…

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