Integrity Of My Father

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Integrity Growing up, my father was the shining beacon that guided my development. He was my teacher and I was his pupil. Essentially everything I knew had come from my father. He taught me simple things such as how to fish and how to hunt, yet more importantly he taught me his morals and how to be a good person. He never directly taught this to me, rather he taught by example. My father would always stick with his morals and maintained his position throughout different situations. He was always polite, treated others with respect no matter who they were, and he never stole from anyone. The best thing my father taught me is how to act with integrity. Roughly 7 years ago I was hunting with my father down at lake Rathbun. My father, his friends and I had been hunting for about 4 hours and the last push we were going to do that day was the peninsula at Prairie Ridge. I was put at the end of the Peninsula given a clear path and began my march…show more content…
After everything that had transposed I had one question I wanted to ask him. I asked my father why he didn't look through the man's wallet, take any money from the wallet, or even accept the man's money as a reward for finding his wallet. My father gave me a simple, yet important answer. He said, “Son I have always lived my life knowing not to steal, no matter what”. He flipped the question onto me and asked what I would do if I was in Richard’s situation. Would I want someone to steal my stuff? Or would I appreciate a good person returning my wallet the way it was. Naively, I pointed out that no one would have ever known if he took the money or not. My father told me that what makes a good person great is that they do the right thing even if no one asks them to do it. At that moment it clicked for me and until this day I have realized that integrity is doing the right thing even if no one asks you to do
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