Integumentary System Essay

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THE INTEGUMENTARY SYSTEM The integumentary system also known as skin; surrounds the entire human body therefore being the largest organ. The skin and its annexes like hair, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, nails, etc. The main functions of the integumentary system is to function as a protective barrier, that keeps our body free from intrusion of foreign materials, microorganisms and prevents dehydration as well as protecting from desiccation and there are other functions also helps in elimination of waste products and in the regulation of our body tempeture. There are many other functions of the integumentary system and each organ involved in this system has its own particular use The main parts of the integumentary system are the skin…show more content…
The body temperature is also maintained within this layer by insulating the body to the temperature fluctuations. The skin carries out the following main functions of the integumentary system. * Thermoregulation: The thermoregulation of the skin is carried out with the help of evaporation of the sweat and regulation of the blood flow to the dermis. * Sensations: The cutaneous sensations like touch, pressure, vibration, pain, cold, hot, etc, are felt by the skin. * Protection: The protective barrier of the skin helps prevent diseases, infections, dehydration, etc. * Production of Vitamin D: The sign present in the skin and UV rays, helps in the production of vitamin D, an important nutrient of the body. * Healing: When the epidermis breaks away due to a minor cut or burn, the cells on the lower layers of the skin migrate upwards as a sheet. When two ends of the sheet meet, the cells stop growing due to a process called 'contact inhibition'. Thus, the epidermis is sealed and the skin returns to normal. Hair: composed of columns of dead, keratinized cells bound together by extracellular proteins. Hair has two main sections: The shaft- superficial portion that extends out of the skin and the root- portion that penetrates into the dermis. Surrounding the root of the hair is the hair follicle. At the base of the hair follicle is an onion-shaped structure called the bulb Papilla of the hair and the matrix within the bulb
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