Intel Case Analysis

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1.0 Overview Intel the Microprocessor giant was started in the year 1968, their initial venture was to make a semiconductor computer memory by integrating large number of transistors into silicon chips. They created a revolution in the PC industry, by creating a bench mark and reengineered their processes to shift their focus from the saturated PC dominated industry to the Internet Communications World. From time to time many marketing tactics and strategies were implemented in order to create brand equity and to carve a niche image in the consumer’s mind. These campaigns were carried out successfully and the intended output was gained most of the time. 2.0 Key Marketing Actions Affirmative action has been portrayed in order to…show more content…
One of the most valuable assets for any firm is the intangible asset represented by its brands. Therefore, it’s important to properly manage brands to maximize their value—or brand equity—to the firm (Keller & Lehmann, 2003). 4.0 Image in consumer’s mind Branding in the classic sense is all about creating unique identities and positions for products and services, hence distinguishing the offerings from competitors (Keller & Lehmann, 2003). By carrying out the above marketing actions Intel would have anticipated to create an image in the mind-sets of their target audience that is vivid and different from their competitors, reliable, a knowhow of the components that go into the computer, pioneers in that field of business, great hold on the market share or leaders in the microprocessor industry, a reputed company picture, and introduction of a new slogan helped to achieve the renewed success. These marketing strategies were implemented to gain consumer loyalty, to create a brand personality, identity, awareness and brand equity. 5.0 Customer Mindset and Market Performance relationships Even when a firm holds a commanding share of an existing product-market, addition and concentration on their purchases, use more of product or service or to use it in new ways is necessary. The relationships between the customer mindset and market performance will be affected by the marketplace factors.
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