Intel Corporation ( Intc )

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Corporate Reasearch
Intel Corporation (INTC)
The first company I invested in was Intel Corporation (INTC). In 1968 the Intel Corporation was founded by Bob Noyce and Gordon Moore. They originally went with the name MN Electronics as “More Noise” but concluded it has a bad connotation on their image and Noise associated with electronics was not what they wanted their image looking like. They eventually moved to Integrated Electronics or Intel for short. The name was great as well as being short for intelligence it fit perfectly. The only problem they had was the name was copyrighted under the company Intelco a hotel chain, they bought the rights for the name and moved on.
The company was weak, they needed investors quickly to start moving forward with their company. Shortly after “Venture Capitalist Arthur Rock” Donates ten thousand dollars and fundraises over two million dollars by selling “convertible debentures”. Rock then received chairman of the company and the company was growing.
In the end of 1969 Intel’s first product was release, the “3101 Schotty Bipolar Random Access Memory” known and used today as RAM in modern computers. The company was growing fast, to accommodate the company and its successors the company purchased their first piece of land (a 26 acre pear orchard in Santa Clara, California). There inventions were unstoppable, the company went public in 1972 with a…
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