Intel - Financial Position Analysis

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INTEL Corporation

Financial position analysis

Engels Evgeny
Narinyani Anton
Paus Yanis
Polikarkin Alexey
Ushakov Denis
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Valishev Timur

Group F31A
Business Overview 5
Brief Historical Data 5
Products 6
Components 6
Platforms 6
Additional Product Offerings 6
Products and Percentage of Revenue 7
Other Products: 7
Research and Development 8
Sales structure 8
Marketing 8
Competition 9
Competitors and Market Shares 10
Financial Analysis 11
Financial Statements Analysis 11
Sales and income 11
Assets structure 12
Liabilities & OE 12
Dividends 13
Net cash flows from business activities 13
Comparison to main competitors 14
Financial Ratios Analysis 14
Liquidity ratios 14
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R&D activities range from design and development of products, to developing and refining manufacturing processes, to researching future technologies and products.
Sales structure
Intel sells products primarily to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs). ODMs provide design and/or manufacturing services to branded and unbranded private-label resellers. In addition, company sells products to other manufacturers, including makers of a wide range of industrial and communications equipment. Company's customers also include PC and network communications products users who buy PC components and other products through distributor, reseller, retail, and OEM channels throughout the world.
Worldwide reseller sales channel consists of thousands of indirect customers who are systems builders that purchase Intel microprocessors and other products from distributors.
In 2008, Hewlett-Packard Company accounted for 20% of net revenue (17% in 2007) and Dell Inc. accounted for 18% of our net revenue (18% in 2007). No other customer accounted for more than 10% of net revenue.
Corporate marketing objectives are to build a strong Intel corporate brand that connects with consumers, and have a limited set of product brands for advanced microprocessors and related technologies. Intel promote brand awareness and generate demand

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