Intel in China Case Study Essay

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The Intel in China case presents a valid issue. But deep beneath the surface, this case has many other issues associated with the one presented. At the surface it is evident that Li is an emotional worker who puts his whole hearted effort into his job. This presents a challenge for any manager because of the emotional attachment that the employee presents. But the question is whether it is just Li that feels this way in the organization. Perhaps, this behavior stems from other organizational issues.
From the onset of this case, it is evident that there is a form of organizational culture that is dwelling at Intel. While Tang understands this, he fails to maneuver his management skills to accommodate the change that he is bringing forth.
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I would make sure that Li and I would find a middle ground in this issue. Primarily Li should know that he is an asset to his company, and his value should not feel underestimated. I would tell Li, that since we are going in a new direction, we need him on board to help our organization reach the next level. As long as I can convince him that we need him more than he needs his project, then I will have solved the issue.
Another issue at hand is the issue of whether communication is poor internally between the organization. Prior to Tang’s arrival, employees were used to the organizational culture that previous top management had set in. I honestly don’t feel that there were internal communication issues. I just believe it is Li and his emotional attachment to his project. Perhaps it is Li, who is new to the different organizational structures between the East and the West. Tang is more familiarized with a Western organizational style, in which they seek to have more open discussions. In contrast, the East is vertical with a process for approaching issues. Tang needs to sit down with Li and communicate the structure that he is attempting to use which is a little of both structures. Tang must ask Li that he need not feel like a “ Lost Face” during this transition. As long as Tang communicates his transition tactics he must also explain to Li the type of structure he plans
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