Intel 's Background On Computer Technology Industry Essay

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Intel’s Background Forty-six years ago two engineers, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, shared a vision and started a company called Intelco, standing for “integrated electronics.” The company created random access memory cards (RAM) at the beginning and later moved on to larger memory boards for the booming computer technology industry in Silicon Valley, California. For expansion purposes, Intel decided to go public at a stock price of $23.50 and successfully raised $6.8 million. Within its RAM industry niche, Intel continuously innovated and excelled in creating memory products that become the industry standard for computers and electronics. By supplying the memory chips for software writing, Intel quickly established partner relationships with other up-and-coming technology companies such as IBM and Microsoft. In 1972, Intel started creating central processing units (CPUs) and microprocessors. As the microprocessors improved, the industry expanded toward gaming and graphics that required stronger and faster processing chips. Later in the 1970’s, Intel also decided to go abroad by opening an assembly plant in Penang Malaysia. Intel’s internationalization process moved quickly in the following decades and these international locations promote its global growth to an even higher level. Currently, Intel is located in over 60 countries worldwide including Singapore, China, India, and Indonesia, which are all big supply-chain giants in the world. Throughout the rest of

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