Intel’S Racist Advertisement. . Oppression Is The Root

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Intel’s racist advertisement Oppression is the root of most serious, everlasting issues in the world today. Oppression occurs between the government and the people that abide by these authority figures; in the battle of sexes; between employers and employees; indifferences between heterosexuals and homosexuals. As a whole these aspects combine to form the root of oppression, however, many of these issues are rooted within racism and sexism. It effects the way women and African Americans live their life day to day. The amount of opportunities lost due strictly to their race or sex is endless. People try and argue whether sex and racism are connected or have a direct correlation with one and another. Unlike the sex of a human, race can be…show more content…
Malcom X was a radical figure that saw racism for what it truly was, a way for white people to use their superiority as a way to tie down the African American race. After Malcom X realized what was happening to his people, he was willing to stand up and die fighting for what he believed in. The battle between sexes is seen everywhere and applies to all things that included men and women fighting for a higher position. In the military, athletics, education but sexism can be found most of all in the workplace. Women have been seen as less than men due to the socially constructed image that men are stronger, faster, and smarter. That is not the case and has been proven time and time again, but this is why men have an advantage when it comes to getting a job, or making the higher wage. Racism and sexism are realities in America and can all be led back to one common theme. The white male thinking he is superior to all else.
We, as in the white people, think that we cannot control racism or sexism. We believe that racism and sexism is inevitable; it was how America was brought to be; by using African Americans for slave labor, and withholding women’s rights. Several believe that any human who is not white or male is lesser than the average white male. This conception is wrong. Racism and sexism can be prevented, but society is just too lazy to make an effort to change. As humans, we probably don’t see ourselves as racist, or

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