Intellectual And Professional Goals For Myself

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At the onset of the semester in Curriculum Issues, CIED 5053, I was asked to identify what I wanted to accomplish this semester and to distinguish intellectual and professional goals for myself. At that time I had never had the opportunity to discover how history, special interest groups and, societal beliefs and situations, define and mold, not only curriculum, but also beliefs about the education system. I have enjoyed being able to widen my understandings and horizon through my studies, writings, interactions and collaborations that have been offered to me in this course. Intellectually I set out to develop an understanding of the history and current development of curriculum. I wanted to learn what events and factors have shaped the contemporary state of curriculum in America. I also wanted to examine the present-day curricular issues to develop a conceptual knowledge that would allow me to be prepared to make more informed decisions as related to curriculum in my schools and classroom. To this end, I believe I have been extremely successful. Through our readings and discussions I have discovered how our economy, the ever changing face of America’s society, and world affairs have served to drive curricular and educational changes in America. I learned that roles and expectations of educators have not evolved tremendously, and that teachers have not been esteemed as experts or professionals in their career, and this is a diversity issue still today. I am
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