Intellectual Child Development

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This year in Child Development class I have grown in my knowledge about newborns, toddlers, and adolescence children. Child Development class taught me life skills that I can use outside of the classroom in the years to come. Several concepts that I have learned throughout my semester of Child Development includes; how to bond with a newborn, how environmental factors affect a baby, different ways children learn, and about the vaginal birth. Bonding with a newborn is very important. It is important to bond with your baby early because it forms strong emotional ties between the parent and child. Both the mother and father have ways to bond with the baby. For example, talking to your baby can help bond by allowing the child to…show more content…
Birth defects are problems that some babies are born with which threaten their health or the baby's ability to live. Some birth defects are caused by environmental factors. Environmental factors can not only affect the baby but can also affect the parents as well. Sexually Transmitted Disease is an illness that is spread from one person to another by sexual contact. Sexually Transmitted Disease can cause AIDS, Gonorrhea and Genital Herpes. A mother that drinks alcohol has the chance of her baby being diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Alcohol can make the baby mentally retarded. Alcohol can also slow the growth of the baby. A mother that takes certain types of medicine at birth can cause the baby bleeding at birth, and slow growth. Too much caffeine in the mother’s body can cause miscarriage and even death to the baby. Tobacco can cause premature birth and allergies to the baby. Illegal drugs taken by the parent can cause the newborn to go through withdrawal from the drug and also cause the baby to have a stillborn birth. X-Rays can cause birth defects to the baby. Rubella can cause deaf and heart disease to the baby. Environmental factors cause many birth defects which can cause problems for the child growing…show more content…
For a vaginal birth, the umbilical cord is not needed. The circulatory system changes as a result of vaginal birth. The heart must pump harder to get the blood to lungs. Fluid is squeezed out through the tip of the birth canal. After a vaginal birth, the baby must be able to breath on it’s own. Some characteristics of a vaginal birth include a wobbly, large head. Several other characteristics of the vaginal birth include: the baby’s fingers and toes are slightly cooler, the baby may have fat cheeks, vernix and milia. After a vagianl birth, the eyes are adult sized and the color can change based on the race of your
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