Intellectual Disabilities Essay

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In reading chapter 8 on intellectual disabilities, I found that the field of intellectual disabilities has developed throughout the years. The term intellectual disabilities and mental retardation are used interchangeably. The term “mental retardation” is the federal definition used by IDEA, however many states today do not use the term. Many people do not use the term mental retardation because of its history. Long ago, students who were known to have “mental retardation” were put in special schools or kept at home. As students with intellectual disabilities entered public schools, they were educated away from the general education students in self-contained classroom. Although today, students with intellectual disabilities are being…show more content…
Many students are born with defects, which cause them to have some impairments. Students that are identified as intellectual disabled, have low cognitive and adaptive skills that help them with day to day functioning. For students to receive special education services, they must go through a process to be identified. Many students that receive services do so in the inclusion model. In the inclusion model the students are educated with peer tutoring, and a lot of direct small group instruction. There are many perspectives that parents and families have about mental retardation. In reading the chapter, I found that many parents before their child is born find out ways of helping them progress. Most often, parents talk with their doctors and outside resources to get help for children that are not school aged that have some of the severe intellectual disabilities. However, parents who have students that are considered developmentally delayed and do not find out until they reach school. I found it most important that parents should collaborate with teachers and other resources to plan for their child’s education. Parent and teacher collaboration is an immense part in the education of students with disabilities. From a teacher’s point of view, I find that many of my students lack parental support. Many of the students I teach come from homes with young parents, and that are low income. We try to
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