Intellectual Disability During The 20th Century

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The definition of intellectual disability is different from people’s first language. People’s first language mean a person with a disability that talks different than a normal person would. They are individuals with their own ability and their own interest. Intellectual disability is also known as mental retardation. It limits a person’s ability to do anything a normal person could do. It takes longer to walk, talk, learn, or read. Three options for people who were intellectually disabled during the 20th century was horrible. They didn’t have any medication for them. Their choices were death, mental asylums, or taken care of by a relative. Some people didn’t know what to do with them. They couldn’t work, assist, or get a job. Some people just decided to kill them or have them, put in an asylum. Sometimes they are…show more content…
Some intellectual disabled go to school where they can learn things step by step. It’s kind of expensive. They learn how to communicate to the public better. Others would just be put in a mental institution where they can’t learn to do anything. When they get older and they still can’t take of themselves they are usually put in a place where they are taken care of. This is not the way it should be. Some intellectually disabled people know how to work and create advance technology. In conclusion, I believe that the intellectual disabled can do lots of things. They can work and some are smart like Stephen Hawkings. He is one of America’s heard of scientist that is disabled. according to Hardy, Thomas and Hawthrone, Nathaniel they write the biography on Stephen Hawkings.This should say that we should train the same way we were trained as a kid so they can get jobs and careers. All in all this whole paragraphs should let us know how to treat people with
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