Intellectual Law Property, Non Compete Agreements And Contract Formation

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ꀀꀀ Course: Name Intellectual Law Property, Non-compete Agreements and Contract Formation Non-compete agreements are a necessity in order to define and secure legitimate business interests. Original novels, plays, books, new inventions, an organization’s trademark, etc. all original items are granted protection under Intellectual property laws. These laws provide motivation to artistic articulation, empowerment to new advances and innovations with advancing financial development because at the point when people realize that they can take advantage from their innovative work, which will remain secure, they are more inclined to keep up producing things. The three primary components of intellectual property with reference to the business environment given below: • Trademarks: A trademark is a unique symbol of a company, which identifies the goods and services of that company and distinguishes them from other companies. Every company has a unique trademark and strict laws are set up against trademark infringement. If any individual or company uses the trademark of the other company then they may have to pay a huge amount or lawful expenses for using someone else’s original work without their permission. • Industrial Designs: Industrial design is the unique decorative and artistic feature of an organization. Only registered industrial designs are considered legal. An industrial design may be of any shape or size, in a three dimensional figure or any lines, colors

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