Intellectual Property Essay

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Technology is now the foundation to any society and in America; digital products (mp3 files, videos, books, etc.) are protected as intellectual property. Theft of any intellectual property would have similar (and in some cases more severe) consequences as stealing a car or shoplifting, however, some countries that fall behind in the development of intellectual property can easily steal digital products and produce them for a much cheaper and easier rate of production. One such country is China, which has indirectly stolen billions of dollars for the American economy by either replicating or developing products that America invented. America has tried to engage the Chinese to try to stop such theft, but while doing so may have surpassed …show more content…
If this happened on a large-scale basis, it would actually impair efforts to make the domain safer as it actually would slow down the entire Internet (London, 2011). By simply typing in the IP address and offering a free plug-in to transfer addresses into code automatically users can access a blocked website. In contrast, Protect IP Act enables a judge to order companies such as Mastercard or PayPal to stop doing business with webpages that participate in piracy. Protect IP Act is one of the first bills to address major piracy issues, but is the bill constitutional? The United States government has oppressed constitutional rights before. For example, if the government suspects you of being a spy or terrorist the government can tap into your phone line without a warrant (Risen & Lichtblau, 2009). The United States has also invested large sums of money into surveillance cameras that are placed throughout the country (Kravets, 2009). Why is the Internet any different? The cultural commons allows for thoughts and ideas to be shared openly, to all individuals. In America, the semantics for the IPAD 3 are not part of the “cultural commons” as they are thoughts of one person (or company). Individuals should be able to do what they want on the web, but in society there are rules and those rules need be followed whether on Google or in Sears. America has strong intellectual property protection in America, but America can do very little
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