Intellectual Property: The Creation of a Mind

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Under the law that guides issues of intellectual property, owners are granted specific exclusive rights to various types of tangible assets such as literary, musical, discovery, and artistic works as well as phrases, inventions, words, designs, and symbols (Greenhalgh & Rogers, 2010). The various types of intellectual property rights which are granted to individuals include trademarks, industrial design, patents, copyright, trade dress, and trade secrets (Greenhalgh & Rogers, 2010).
Trademark is an intellectual property that grants an individual the exclusive rights to a certain product (Greenhalgh & Rogers, 2010). It is a recognizable expression, design, or sign which distinguishes services or products of a particular company from similar services or products of other traders (Greenhalgh & Rogers, 2010). Industrial designs are intellectual property rights that protect the object design which is not purely utilitarian (Greenhalgh & Rogers, 2010). It consists of creation of composition, configuration, or shape of color or pattern, or combination of color and pattern containing aesthetic value in a three-dimensional form (Greenhalgh & Rogers, 2010).
A patent is a form of intellectual property that grants an inventor exclusive rights to exclude others from selling, using, making, importing or selling an invention for a given…
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