Intellectual Property : The Intellectual Properties Means

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1) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: The intellectual properties means, A work which was created by the person with his Idea and Plan. The copyright law comes into picture immediately when the work was created and author will become the owner as soon as the copyright was created. He will have full rights on the work, and he can sell that work for others. 10 Examples of violating Intellectual Property rights of others:
A) Piracy: The most common violation of IP is making piracy of movies, music and videos which they do not have right to do. Now as fast as technology is growing and making piracy films growing which will have a huge impact on a Production department of that movie. They will spend lots of money to produce that movie but with this
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In this scenario, you cannot make copy of the work; make the duplicate copy of that work. It also includes copy of Ideas, Expressions, presentations and copy of author’s concept and writing and telling them as its own idea. This results in the intellectual propert right violation of the author.
E) Procuring Copyrighted Works: The author will get copyright when creates the work with his own idea or expression and he is protected under copyright law. If you want to use that work we need to buy that work or movie in order to watch it. If you are downloading the movies or songs without permission it not legal, with the help of fast growing technology the intellectual property of others were being stolen with the help of new technology. Companies who rely on selling copyrights will be in loss and inviduall author will be face some loss as information was used without the knowledge of the author.
F) Protection for Unfair Competition: This was the another area of the intellectual property which was getting violated in recent past. In this Context we will explain regarding the knock offs where they are passing as original. For us nowadays its very easy to get the information of our competitor company products or goods they are manufacturing. Some companies has a brand value for some products which they produce, but the other companies copy the product information, packing style and release into the market as
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