Intellectual Property in Singapore Essay

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Introduction to Intellectual property and various property laws in Singapore
First of all, the definition of Intellectual property refers to the creation of mind, such as literary and artistic works, inventions, designs, names, symbols, logos and even images used in industries.
Some example of Intellectual property are that business owners, they are given exclusive rights for the use of their trademark or even their identity, logo, which were originally established by them.
Even for creative artistes like singers, artist are granted copyrights on their musical, drawings, artistic works for their creation. This would allow the artistes to protect their product from getting using by other people without claiming credits from the original owner while on a business perspective they are able to maximise their value through franchise, licensing out or transfer their Intellectual property.
Second of all, there are eight types of intellectual property. They are Patent, Trade Mark, Registered Design, Plant Varieties Protection, Copyright, Geographical Indication, Trade Secret and Layout-design of an integrated circuit.

Intellectual Property refers to the creation of human minds for which exclusive rights are recognised. Innovators, artistes and business owners are granted certain exclusive rights to a variety of intangible assets for a specified duration. To a company, intellectual property is an intangible asset. It gives financial institution and business…