Intelligence Agencies Operating around the Globe

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In my last research assignment I explained what the Special Operations executive was and the role and mandate that they served, this time around I plan to explore the impact after the war and even to the present, many of the current intelligence agencies operating today have all in some degree some commonality and structure and have similar ways of approaching threats, In comparison from World War Two to now with the ever emergence of the terrorist threats around the globe, but with every intelligence agency history always had some kind of blunders, mistakes and embarrassment, and the ever increasing demand in wartime for “surgical action”, in addition I will highlight how these tactics serve current agencies and SOF units today and how the SOE really set in stone the trade craft of special tactics. We first have to understand that every intelligence agency and SOF unit is not without its faults (both past and present) but with the SOE it had it fair share of blunders, but more importantly it already some key troubles in the past, One of the articles I chosen to highlight the SOE turbulent relationship with the other services and its confusing structure within itself, In James Crossland article titled, The mutiny that never was: The Special Operations executive and the failure of Operation ‘Kitchenmaid’ showed a few key examples where this SOE operating area and in this case in the Balkans and the Middle East, (HQ is in Cairo) had some trouble following the British
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