Intelligence Agency And The President And Major Parties Of The Us Government

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Acronym Soup CIA: CIA stands for Central intelligence Agency and is run by the United States. What the CIA does is collect, analyse, and evaluate foreign intelligence to help the president and major parties of the US Government to make decisions about National Security, being without and outside the country. FRG: FRG stands for the Federal Republic of Germany held one of the four Sections of Germany until America and England formed Bosnia, The section that they held was West Germany. It was also a Communist country. GDR: German Democratic Republic, The section that the GDR had was East Germany. It was a Democratic country. The GDR was occupied by the USSR. ICBM: It stands for Intercontinental Ballistic Missile. It is a guided missile…show more content…
NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization is an intergovernmental military alliance which was based around the North Atlantic Treaty which began on April 4th 1949. Warsaw Pact: the Warsaw Pact was a collective defence treaty between eight communist states spread through Central and Eastern Europe during the Cold War. USSR: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. It was a Union of multiple republics of Soviets during the Cold War. Cold War: The Cold War was the state of political and military tension after World War II, It was between the two super powers, The United States and the Soviet Union (Russia). The common date of when the Cold War was in full affect was during 1947-1991. It was called and defined as a “Cold War” because there was no large scale fighting between the two sides. Deterrence: is the use of punishment as a threat to cause and make someone decide to not to do something and offending. Deterrence is often compared with Retributive Justice, which is when punishment is held as a necessary consequence of a crime and is based on the severity of what has been done. It is used as fear to prevent other from committing similar crimes by scaring them as to what will happen Nuclear Winter: This is also known as an atomic winter and it is a hypothetical climate effect that is usually considered after following a nuclear attack on Populated cities that are usually targeted during wars. Suggestions say that the climate and the firestorms produced from the
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