Intelligence And Society

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Lizzie Nush B190 – Intelligence and Society 26 November 2014 Position Paper (Title) Numerous individuals consider themselves as intelligent; this may be based on their IQ score or because they have graduated high school and maybe have a college degree. However, one does not just title, or label, themselves as intelligent without taking into consideration the whole perspective of how one can be intelligent both scholarly and personally. For example, being “book smart” versus “street smart”. We may be both or more one than the other, but do we really know everything? How to calculate the mileage from home to California without using, what time or day each President of the United States was born, or something as little as knowing how to tie a shoe. Not everyone knows this information by heart or memory. Going onto talking about hearts, what about love? How do we know if we are in love or if we love each other? How do we know if we are upset or mad? What do we do if we find ourselves in this wrap of emotions and cannot find a way out? Well, that is where our emotional intelligence (EI) comes into play. When we have emotional intelligence, or understand the concept, we can better understand how to go about our lives without breaking down because we are bottling everything up, or because we have lost everyone around us from wrongfully exploding our feelings. We may be the most intelligent people in the world, but does that mean that we know everything on how
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