Intelligence And The Theory Of Intelligence

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Psychology Of Intelligence Intelligence is a very important factor in human psychology. Human intelligence is a rather complicated form of psychology and quite complex as well. Many people may lack intelligence, many people may have a strong amount of intelligence. Human intellect is what makes humans “smart” and sets us aside from animals and other types of beings. Many researchers in psychology have studied intelligence and how it makes us, us. Intelligence has since become something that can be tested and measured through a wide array of tests. Although intelligence can vary from person to person, it is what truly makes us human. The theory of intelligence was first brought up around 300 BC, the time of the Greek philosophers. Greek scholars and philosophers from the likes of Aristotle and Plato were rather interested in human intellect, the idea of intelligence astounded them. They were most known to be one of the firsts to explore the ideas of human intelligence but it wasn’t until Francis Galton who was ”influenced by his half-cousin Charles Darwin, was the first to propose a theory of general intelligence.” (Defining Intelligence, n.d.) As Francis Galton was beginning to study intelligence more intensely, many “different researchers have proposed a variety of theories to explain the nature of intelligence” (Theories Of Intelligence, n.d.) as well. Galton later realized that through cognitive tests and reaction times, the size of one’s brain does not equal to the…
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