Intelligence Between Intelligence And Culture

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There is a relationship between intelligence and culture because intelligence is culturally shaped and defined and some cultures support and identify it as very vital in the context of social and ecological aspects. In the early years, there was a bias towards intelligence tests because they used English language and culture. The formation of Wesler Adult Intelligence Scale, Fourth Addition (WAIS,IV) in 2008 by David Wesler was meant to minimise the bias. According to Westen, Burton and Kowalski (2006), intelligence assists human beings to take control of their lives and it varies cross culturally because the power dynamics differ in each society and this leads to differences in behaviour and line of thinking. These authors describe intelligence as multifaceted, functional and can be defined by culture because it is universal and studying intelligence using different culture as a sample that can be used to question Western ideas about intelligence with some emphasis on the assessment of skills and abilities using culturally appropriate methods (Benson, 2003) The methods they were using to measure intelligence tests were a bit biased towards Western intelligence because Western culture value speed and other culture value perfection even if it means taking long to complete the tests. To address this anomaly, ‘culture free test` was used to take away the things that affected performance due to cultural differences. They also used ‘culture fair test` to measure common skills
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