Intelligence Between Intelligence And Intelligence

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Various individuals have given their conception of intelligence. Intelligence is widely associated with achievement of success or mastery in a given concept. Thus, it seems reasonable to state that intelligence is essentially an ability. The debate starts when individuals attempt to define what this exactly this ability is and to what entity this ability can be attributed to. Some claim this ability is purely innate and other state it is influenced by one’s environment. Consequently, time plays a vital role in this concept. The amount of time a person takes to grasp a concept is associated with the degree of ability that one has. Hence, that is why the term slow or retarded exists, referring to the time individuals takes to grasp a concept. On the other hand, individuals known to be genius are able to master a concept in a short time without the “proper formal” training. Thus, the duration or the concept of time is significant to the widely accepted concept of intelligence
Intelligence is largely attributed to the brain. Spearman had indicated that intelligence stems from mental energy located somewhere in the brain. Furthermore, the manifestations of intelligent behaviors are due to this mental energy. This idea does seem to have some valid points. Scientists were able to find that the structure and chemicals in the brain associated with our behaviors. A brain lesion on the arcuate fasciculus areas impacts one’s ability to repeat words, and nonwords. This finding…
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