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In society, people base their life on intelligence. They do everything possible to get ahead in life. To get ahead, they cheat each other, back stab, and commit many sinful acts. Also, they educate themselves so they are capable of doing whatever is required of them. Society is trying to always make themselves smarter. Are they trying to change something that they have no control over though? Intelligence is something that everybody has, but is something that is developed over time. The development of intelligence has many items that play a factor. For instance, environment and heredity both play a role in developing a person's I.Q.

“Each of us are born with intelligence” (Lawler 15). With one’s intelligence,
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For instance, a child that comes from an environment that is uncaring, unlovable, and abusive tends to score lower on an I.Q. test. Put that same child into a different situation, by either adoption or foster care, or just a change of parental support, and that child performance increases. “I.Q. could be based on a range of environments, or lowered by lack of positive environmental feedback” (Loehlin, Lindzey, and Spuhler 103). Without positive feedback a child gives up. He gives up because he feels like he is a failure at what he is doing.

While the main focus on a child’s intelligence comes from the home, other influences also play a role. Pinter stated “By environmental influences we way mean very specific and narrow changes or else those factors of home and school” (94). At school, children learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. In addition to classes, school offers a good place to fellowship with others. During the fellowship, one is able to gain knowledge from other people. That fellowship though isn’t always a good thing. For example, suppose that everything the child hears throughout the day is not true. Then, that child becomes ignorant to the truth. All this happens because the child is bombarded with false information throughout the day. At some time the child will start believing that everything he hears is true.

With children balancing out each other’s intelligence in conversation, the need for it to
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