Intelligence Failures And The State Of Foreign Involvement

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Intelligence Failures and the State of Foreign Involvement in Benghazi, Libya
The primary issue in researching the incident in Benghazi is the varying information that was reported on as the event itself, and later the investigation, unfolded. Secondarily, political biases play a large role in the determination of what is fact as the event took place only two months before the 2012 Presidential elections. Intelligence and cooperation with the host country are vital to the security of embassies and its personnel worldwide. Without it, events like those in Benghazi are likely to occur again. The months following the Arab Spring were a turbulent time in across North Africa, but especially in Libya. In November 2011, a month after the death
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The excessive amount of weapons held in civilian hands following the end of the Libyan civil war would later pose a direct threat to those in the consulate and CIA annex on September 11th, 2012. There were four primary players in the events in Benghazi. The U.S. Department of State (DOS) played a major part as it is the agency that controls the vast majority of U.S. foreign affairs and controls all of the embassies and consulates worldwide. Two DOS employees, Ambassador Chris Stevens and Information Management Officer Sean Smith, perished during the assault on the compound. Five Diplomatic Security (DS) agents provided security for the building during the events of that night. In addition to the five DS agents, at least three 17th of February militia members provided security for the compound the night of the attack (Kennedy, 2012). However, depending on what is reported, they were either armed or unarmed at the time of the event (Kennedy, 2012; Zakaria, Cornwell, & Al Shalchi, 2012). Additionally, approximately two miles away, there was a CIA annex base, equipped with a Quick Response Team (QRT) that could be dispatched at a moment’s notice to help stave off any violent conflict. The two other American deaths were the ex-Naxy SEALS, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, who were part of the QRT (Department of State [DOS], 2012). An Al Qaeda affiliate also had a presence in the country at this time, finding it easy to establish a foothold in a country rocked
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