Intelligence In The Great Gatsby

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Should the intelligence of someone decide their survival, lifestyle, and fate within the early 1900’s. Correspondingly, The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald and Chicago Directed by Rob Marshall, have two types of Women: the intellectual and the naive. While those who are intellectual manipulate others, those who are naive are manipulated by men. To be naive means to lack experience and judgement, mostly the characters in The Great Gatsby portray This by their actions. Conversely, the characters in Chicago have higher intellect, allowing them to control the media, accordingly Jordan from The Great Gatsby as she knows most of the things anyone is talking about and knows what to do. Gatsby and Tom manipulate Daisy and Myrtle, this makes it …show more content…

Gatsby had told nick “Well, first Daisy turned away from the woman toward the other car, and then she lost her nerve and turned back. The second my hand reached the wheel I felt the shock-it must have killed her instantly.”(143-144) Gatsby had suffered the consequences by deciding he would take the blame for the incident, daisy on the other hand had only left New York without suspicion. Moreover Myrtle Wilson is a naive character in the story, Tom’s girlfriend and George Wilson’s wife. She also is not very intelligent about her choices for she decides to cheat on her husband with a man that he knows and is currently married. As Daisy’s actions had big consequences, Myrtle’s consequence was her life taken. Myrtle decided to run into the street, hoping to get Tom’s help, but instead it was daisy who intended to hit her and keep going. Some factors explaining the reason this was a terrible decision, running onto the middle of the street without paying attention to the traffic is dangerous, even worse is to expect the car to stop, it may but there is a possibility it will not stop as there have been rumors that myrtle had been going out with tom, this could have made Daisy want to kill her by seeing her. In the movie Chicago, Roxie Hart is a naive woman, though she has the ability to control the media, she has made bad choices. Roxie has slept with her furniture salesman, hoping to

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