Intelligence : Intelligence Data Collection Programs

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Intelligence Data Collection Programs To effectively analyze programs, intentions and ideological motives of Hezbollah several collection programs of the five types could be utilized to gather intelligence on Hezbollah. Collected information must undergo further conversion before it reaches the analysis phase to be used against Hezbollah (Gay, 2005) First, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) could be used to gather intelligence information from open sources such as websites, social media sources, publishing’s and news outlets in the Middle East and even other countries where Hezbollah has an influence or followers. OSINT can be gathered in Palestinian enclaves in other countries as well.
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) is the collection of information from internet, cellphone, radar, laser, and high-tech electronic warfare emitters and sensors (Gay, 2005). SIGINT could be used to intercept communications between Hezbollah leaders and commanders in the field to Hezbollah command centers in Lebanon. SIGINT can also be intercepted with leaders and influencers in Iran and Syria focusing on Hezbollah funding sources, political support, weapons movements and counterintelligence measures against the Israelis. Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) could be used to identify the suspected weapons movements from Syria to forward positions in Lebanon. Weapons pipelines from Damascus Syria to Lebanon could be vulnerable to drone and satellite imagery as most weapons supplied by Iran come
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