Intelligence Is The Most Intelligent Creature Of All

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Human Intelligence Humans are the most intelligent creature of all. Although, there is not one exact explanation of intelligence. According to Meriam Webster Dictionary, “Intelligent word originates from Latin- word intelligens, present participle of "intelligere", intellegere means to understand”, and definition of intelligence is, "the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills”. Although, various psychologists describe the intelligence in different terms. For example, Alfred Binet said, “Intelligence is something which sensory perception test or reaction time experiments measure” Spencer said, “Intelligence is the capacity of the organism to adjust itself to an increasingly complex environment” Terman said, “Intelligence is the…show more content…
Many studies have shown that the fifty percent of general intelligence is heritage, thus it can be passed down from generation to generation (DiLalla, 2000). Under the “G” factor varies psychologist have different idea. Psychologist Gardner suggested humans acquire multiple intelligence, such as: verbal, mathematical, visual, komatiitic, musical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and natural. Psychologist Sternberg believed in Triachic theory, he suggested people have three type of intelligence analytic, practical or creative. According to Cattell–Horn–Carroll theory, the general intelligence is at the top. Under general intelligence there are 10 broad abilities, which are subdivided into 70 narrow abilities. The broad abilities are: Fluid intelligence (Gf): is the basic intelligence that remains constant from your age of fifteen to sixteen years onwards. Crystallized intelligence (Gc): can be influenced by the education, and tanning. The crystallize intelligence continues to grow till old age. Quantitative reasoning (Gq): can understand numerical concepts. For example, you liked the shoes and wanted it, but after looking at your budget, you decide not to buy it, is Quantitative reasoning. Reading & writing ability (Grw): includes basic reading and writing skills. Short-term memory (Gsm): is the ability to catch and hold information in instant awareness and then use it within a few
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