Intelligence Of Intelligence And Intelligence

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Ricky Partida Mrs.Behrend Ap seminar 30 November 2015 How is intelligence Effectively Measured in The U.S Intelligence is the ability to adapt to new information and use creativity and prior knowledge to assess problems in life situations. It is general cognitive problem-solving skills and. It is the mental ability involved in reasoning, perceiving relationships and analogies, calculating, and learning quickly. In the past,Earlier it was believed that there was one underlying general factor at the intelligence base called the g-factor, but later psychologists maintained that it is more complicated and could not be determined by such a simplistic method (Green). Some psychologists have divided intelligence into subcategories. For example Howard Gardner maintained that it is comprised of seven components: musical, bodily-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, linguistic, spatial, interpersonal, naturalist, existential, and intrapersonal ("Gardner 's Multiple Intelligences."). We measure these intelligences through tests. Mainly known as intelligence testing, IQs are gathered from certain tests that measure the 7 components of intelligence. Intelligence testing is a method for assessing an individual 's mental aptitudes and comparing them with those of others (Green). The G-factor, also known as factor analysis , is a procedure that identifies clusters of factors on a test, used to identify different dimensions of performance that underlie a person 's total score (Green).
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