Intelligence Of Intelligence And Intelligence

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Intelligence can be defined as referring to intellectual functioning. There are many ways to assess intelligence such as intelligence quotients, many standardized test such as IQ tests, and the comparison of your personal intelligence among those in your same age group. Test like the IQ fail to measure the different types of intelligence. When most people think about intelligence they make the general assumption that one is referring to academic intelligence. There are mare many different factors assessed when examining overall intelligence; such as emotional intelligence, academic intelligence, social, intelligence, and abnormal versus what is considered to be normal intelligence.
When measuring overall intelligence one must take into account the psychosocial, genetics, age, and sociocultural factors. Intelligence plays a big role in determining individuals, especially in adolescent years. Intelligence can be essential in decision making, academics, social preferences, nutrition, and neurocognitive functioning. Generally tests don’t measure all the different kinds of intelligence. There are also generational differences in intelligence examining the population as a whole.
In regards to adolescent young women social emotional intelligence acts as a predictor in social cognition. Social-emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage one’s own and others’ emotions. This plays a critical role in ambiguous situations such as peer conflicts, personal slights, and…
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