Intelligence Of Mexican-American And Mexican Students.

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Intelligence of Mexican-American and Mexican Students At Laredo Community College where we have both Mexican-American and Mexican students which we see the difference of intelligence. Those students show the difference of their abilities regarding the Texas Success Initiative which have different rates of passing. The intelligence capabilities of both Mexican-American and Mexican students are different in three levels and the methodology of testing. Mexican Students The Mexican culture is a collectivist and enthusiastic of its traditions. The current Mexican culture it’s not simple because it has rich traditions and contrasts, outgrowth with history and modernization (Cultura, n.d.). The Mexican culture has a mixture of pre-Hispanic…show more content…
The teams were classified depending on the IQ levels which suited those in the war to have those with high IQ to strategies. Another form of using intelligence test is choosing careers that will suit them and help in infrastructural. They started using the IQ levels to pick a career, and they usually would start doing this at the age of twenty but now can be employed at age three (Prieto, 1981). They use intelligence testing to help them categorize people to have them use their full potential and to assist their community around them. Mexican-American Students The culture of the Mexican-American is very identical to each other as the aspects of family, religion, and respect towards other. The central concepts of the Mexican American “cultural values include familismo (familism), the traditional gender roles of machismo and marianisom, religiosidad (religiosity), and respeto (respect)” (Morgan, 2013). The cultures are identical the only difference is the introduction of individualistic viewpoints that they learn in the education system. The individualistic views that they learn from the school are culture shocks to those who have a heavy ideology of collectivistic viewpoint. The culture of Mexican-Americans has interfered time and time again in the results of the intelligence test. The definition of intelligence which examine all forms of skill as like language,
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